Murder Mystery II – The Legacy of a Beloved Chef

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You are invited to the Pampered Castle where Sous Chef Chris P Bacon is notorious for his exquisite fine dining exclusive for castle guests. You’ll have the opportunity to meet castle attendants, bear witness to the Sous Chef’s demise, review evidence and interviews, and determine who killed Chef Chris P Bacon.

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This template contains over 40 posts including a group banner, welcome post, daily interactive posts, and product posts which are yours to customized and use indefinitely after purchase. The trailer is a 1 – 2 minute video which showcases your new theme and is perfect to prompt guest excitement and host recruitment. The extreme package will include host coaching, promotions package, and recipe book.


Please note, you agree that this template shall not be shared. If the product is shared, you will lose access to the shared template without refund. This package is meant for you to co-host your newest member of the team, but it not intended for giving or sharing of access for independent use.


PLEASE NOTE: The template link will be sent via email prior to the end of the consultant demonstration party while the trailer will be sent via messenger.

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2 reviews for Murder Mystery II – The Legacy of a Beloved Chef

  1. Ginger Pearl (verified owner)

    I was so blessed to try not only this template but also 5 others. I purchased this and used it the month of August. I had my best month ever with 5 parties with sales totaling over 4500. My hosts were ecstatic and the guests had a FABULOUS time. I did add some of my own content and lives but it was a huge improvement on a standard party I create. I can’t wait to start my Gather parties for November and December! I am NOT an elite seller I am average and work when I want but these templates have made it hard not to have a fabulous party

  2. robin traufler (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this template. My customers love this party experience. The graphics are top notch. I’ve noticed increased interaction with party guests and increased sales. Plus it’s been easier to book parties. I offer my customers a choice of party theme. Right now I’m offering 4 to choose from. Murder Mystery, Gather, Pamper Your Camper and my traditional Facebook party template. 99% of my posts are picking one of Amber’s templates. They are tired of the generic Facebook party template.
    Amber’s templates elevate your parties to an entirely new level. They are gorgeous. I have also purchased the bridal template. It is wonderful for wedding showers. You cannot go wrong with any of her templates. I have noted an increase in my sales with all of her templates.

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