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Baked with Love

Baked with Love brings you back into the kitchen to indulge in the sweet deliciousness of pink and red holiday treats. Join us to celebrate the day of love and admiration while we share recipes that will make our tastebuds dance.

Celebrating love

Guests will collect four letters in random order to create the word LOVE by participating with the template such as posting a favorite product, recipe, or asking two questions about being a consultant. The first to learn the sentence wins a prize of the consultant’s choice.

Asking for posts during the party weighs more heavily on social media algorithms in comparison to likes and comments assuring your content shows up on their feed. Plus, guests are encouraged to return and participate in the party to complete their word and win a prize. Even you’ll be ready to celebrate!

Personalized party trailer

Romantic recipes and product images

Product highlights and photos

Each recipe showcases between 1 and 5 products. While you’re welcome to add more product content, everything you need is included.

Eye catching videos

Say goodbye to looking like everyone else with shared content from image groups. Give your business a professional presentation.

NO “Facebook Jail”

We all know it as “Facebook Jail,” Whatever you call it, these videos don’t get caught up in the Facebook red-tape. We do recommend you change the associated verbiage to suit your voice, but these videos will keep you out of trouble.

Daily participation posts

Upgrade to our Extreme Package!

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A guide for your host including pre-party success, sending reminders, and maximizing rewards. Also includes guest invitation, a host party announcement, and favorite product post to use during the party.
Includes "Thank you" posts, countdown days to order, free shipping announcement, free gift with purchase announcement, and three booking gift tracker.
A PDF book with all of the delicious recipes shared in the template. Great as a gift or even to use as a prize.

Are you ready to celebrate love?