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Level up your virtual party

Online virtual direct sales parties are the forefront of many entrepreneurs. Yet, despite the vast number of sales platforms, virtual parties have become a series of product posts leaving consultants scraping for participation, orders, and future party bookings. Extreme Themes boosts party participation, sales, and fills party schedules by changing up the party presentation and augmenting social media algorithms.

Connect with guests

Did you know that Facebook messenger has a spam fold called "Requested Messages?" Often, when you don't hear a reply from your guest, it's because your message was delivered to a folder most people don't even know about! Extreme Theme's templates are structured to overcome the puzzle of the missing messages and encourage them to contact you! Regain the power of communication!

Level up my virtual party
Get ready to party


Bring guests back to the party with exciting themes and participation posts that peak engagement. These templates focus on more heavily weighted interactions from guests to assure greater visibility and even bring grab the attention of their friends in the group.

Be the life of the party

Fill your party schedule

Each one of our templates comes with a 1-2 minute party trailer. Think of it like a movie trailer, but it's a preview of your party! The trailer is a great way to catch the eye of potential hosts and encourage them to schedule a party or to simply get guests excited for what's to come. Plus, our parties have been so exciting that guests will be eager to book their own.

Level up my party!
"Seriously get this!! I’m at $7k in sales this month just from doing this one. (I’m doing messenger parties) and over the last few months have been well over $10k in sales combined."

Real consultants with REAL results

"I bought a few themes after having issues with making my posts and no help from uplines. I felt alone! These themes are fantastic! The graphics are amazing and keep the guests engaged in the party! My hostess for this party LOVED her birthday bash!! She wanted to schedule another party in a few months!! I am thoroughly enjoying the newfound way to party! Thank you, Amber!"

Template Packages - to fit every budget

Professional Package

Includes 1-2 minute trailer and party template

Extreme Package

Includes the party template and trailer found in the professional package as well as host coaching, promotions expansion, and recipe book

Invest in you now!

Now offering

Extreme 365+

Extreme 365+ is a monthly membership where you’ll receive an email each month with AT LEAST one post for each day to post in your VIP group or to augment existing templates. It includes participation posts, national food holidays, and motivational quotes. It keeps your pre-existing customers engaged and ready for their next purchase or party.
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After you’ve taken a look around our site, join our Facebook group to learn so much more about our pre-completed templates. Be the first to know when new content is being created and released with the opportunity to preview the first day of each theme upon debut. We pride ourselves in community of consultant support and are eager to help! Are you ready to level up your virtual party?

What Our Clients Say

You've got questions. We've got answers!

Take pride in asking questions. Success comes from stepping outside your comfort zone and into something new!

What makes Extreme Themes parties so different?

Extreme themes takes your party to the next level with a professional presentation for your parties that incorporate fun themes and games. It peaks interest and participation resulting in increased visibility, purchases, and bookings.

Can I share my template?

No, anyone caught sharing their template will be ineligible from future template purchase and will have template privileges revoked without refund. 

What template platforms do you offer?


Post My Party

AirTable (Shareable spreadsheet)

Vizzlie (coming soon)

What's included in the template

The template will include a welcome banner, daily theme related activities, and 2-3 product posts per day. Some themes have expansion packs available which will have listed in the description what is included. Each party spans a total of five days. If you wish to elongate the party, feel free to add content and edit the template to your needs once you receive it.

How many times can I use the template?

It’s yours to customize and use as you wish as long as the template is not shared.

What's the difference between the professional package the the extreme package?

The professional package includes a 1-2 minute trailer video and the template.

The Extreme package (highly recommended) ncludes a 1-2 minute trailer video, template, host coaching, common ongoing promotions, and a recipe book that is unavailable to purchase outside this package.

What should I put for my business name?

Come up with something short and sweet that’s personal. Please do not make it more than 40 characters. As the name gets longer, the font will need to adjust to fit the screen on your trailer video.

Where do I receive my template(s)?

Your templates are available immediately after purchase and are sent to you via the email that is on your account.

Where do I receive my personalized trailer video?

Your personalized video may take up to 48 hours to receive and will be sent via messenger.

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